We’ve heard of space junk, but this is just ridiculous.

NASA recently published some unknowingly provocative images of Mars to their website, which were apparently captured by expedition rovers scouring the red planet for evidence of life.

While these $800 million rovers should be busy assisting scientists in the discovery of the first alien life form, these images strongly suggest that NASA’s robotic astronauts are more interested in drawing space sketches of the male anatomy. Suddenly, we feel like we could hang with these astronauts we spend a lot drawing penises on things at work, too.

While the two Mars rovers (Opportunity and Spirit) are perfectly capable of driving themselves while on a mission, human engineers are actually responsible for controlling the rover’s destination sequences by uploading specific navigational maps to their operating systems.

This means that in all likelihood, these expedition robots did not set out on their own to carve a giant penis into the core of Mars. While there have been no reports of anyone from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory taking credit for this intergalactic graffiti, there is some speculation that they were created by a couple of bored engineers goofing off a little at work.

NASA’s solar-powered rovers were put on Mars nearly a decade ago, their primary objective being to collect and distribute planetary information for scientists studying the elusive planet here on Earth. Meanwhile, on the moon:

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