With social distancing the norm many kids may be feeling lonely and sad along with many adults too. Ashley Fletcher is a mother of five and she and her family live out in the country in Proctor. Her kids have been able to go play outside with each other but they miss their friends from school.

So to help ease the situation a creative plan was put into place called a "Bear Hunt." This is being done in many neighborhoods in the Twin Cities in one fashion or another. People in Proctor are propping a bear or some type of stuffed animals in the windows of their homes so when people walk or drive by they can keep track of how many they see, like a scavenger hunt.

Fletcher spoke with WDIO and said  " We thought we'd find five or ten yesterday. But we found 50! It's been so fun, even for me!"  Troys Amoco in Proctor has a few stuffed animals in his window along with a community food donation table to help out his neighbors who are struggling right now. I have heard a few homes in Duluth are doing the same, so I am asking everyone reading this to find a stuffed animal and place it in your window of your home and business. We will rise up from this together and this is just a small way we as a community can spread some joy! As you can see in the picture above we at MIX 108 have gotten in the spirit as well with Kermit the Frog looking out the window of our studio in downtown Duluth. :)

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