Netflix has done it again with another binge watch worthy show, 'Making A Murderer'. It’s a very controversial case, and it now has a direct connection to Superior.

The documentary follows the true life story of Steven Avery, who was exonerated on rape charges after serving 18 years in prison. Two years after he was released, he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in the murder of Teresa Halbach.  Many believe he was framed, and at least one juror has come forward saying they believe he is innocent.

The special prosecutor in the case was Ken Kratz with Calumet County Wisconsin at the time.  Kratz now has set up his own practice in Superior on Belknap Street.  TMZ recently caught up with him and interviewed him on the question of Avery being framed.  Kratz said that if scientific evidence indicates that he is innocent, he will get another trial.  However, he does say that there is plenty that the documentary leaves out, because “you don’t want to muddy up a good conspiracy movie.”

I have not seen it yet, but after hearing what everyone has been saying about it, looks like I know what I'll be watching tonight. Check out the trailer at the top and let me know what you think of this case having a local connection in the comments.