The City of Superior is showing off some new artwork in the city's south end community.

The art is part of Superior's Storm Drain Art Project, according to their website, the project's goal is to "bring attention to storm drains and increase public understanding of the direct connection between storm drains and the nearest lake or stream through storm drain art."

The latest piece of art was done at the intersection of John Avenue and 61st Street in the sound end of Superior, the artwork was done by Bonnie (no last name is given) and it depicts a mama bear and her two cubs enjoying their natural habitat.

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With over 3,000 storm drains in the City of Superior and all of them eventually ending up in Lake Superior, you can see why the US Environmental Protection Agency and Superior have an interest in letting the public know that stormwater is NOT generally cleaned before making its way into waterways.

If you'd like more information about the Storm Drain Art Project, contact Megan at

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