This summer has generally been pretty warm for much of the Northland, but a cold front sweeping through and bringing with it the gloomy and cool weather we saw to start Thursday brought with it a new record low temperature for this date.

International Falls is consistently in the conversation for record cold temperatures during winter months, but the National Weather Service is reporting that it also recorded a record low temperature for August 2 of 34 degrees overnight (as of 12:13 am), and it was 35 degrees as of 6:05 this morning. Yep, only 2 degrees away from the freezing point. In August.

This new record low beats out the previous record low for August 2; 41 degrees, which was set exactly 100 years ago, in 1918. Not only did they beat the August 2 record low, the beat it by a whole 7 degrees! That's a pretty significant difference, all things considered.

For those not ready for fall yet, the good news is that we're in for a warmup heading into the weekend. Plus, August is notorious for sending some late summer heat our way. No need to dig all of your sweaters out yet, but it's coming soon!

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