It is old home week for sure with a group of artists that we have not heard from in a long time. I for one am ecstatic that Mr. Gill is back on the scene.

1.) Bowling For Soup : “Songs People Actually Liked – Volume 1 – The First Ten Years (1994-2003)” (17 rerecorded singles and fan favorites, plus a new track) The best album title ever! The guys are definitely telling it like it is on this one, and giving the fans what they want.

2.) Johnny Gill : “Game Changer” (guests: New Edition) You got to love the fact that Johnny called ion some of his friends from his former group to help out on his new solo album. Just goes to show that they still have much respect for each other. In his first single "Behind Closed Doors" he shows he has still got it!!

3.)  The Smashing Pumpkins : “Monuments to an Elegy”  :With Billy Corgan the only original member of the band, this album is definitely different and lighter than past projects.With Crogan in the lead still, fans will embrace this project.

Other Releases Out This Week:

-LL Cool J : “Mama Said Knock You Out (Deluxe Edition)” (1990 album; remastered, with a second CD of bonus material)

-Tears For Fears : “Songs From The Big Chair [Blu-ray Audio]” (1985 album; remastered)

-Carrie Underwood: “Greatest Hits: Decade #1″ (includes new material, such as “Something in the Water”)