L.L. picked a good week to release another album with a slow go on the pop and rap front. But as always his fans are just excited for new material. Kenny Chesney fans are super loyal and have been waiting for this day too.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for BWR)
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for BWR)


1.) LL Cool J - "Authentic"  : In case you are not in the know his name is short  for Ladies Love Cool James. You gotta' love that and believe that the ladies do. With his 16th album under his belt he has a huge crew of people on this c.d. with special guests like Seal, Chuck D, Snoop Dog and more. The video below is his duet with Monica called "Closer".

2.) Kenny Chesney- "Life On a Rock"  - His first single off this latest c.d. "PIRATE FLAG" was so huge that he decided to announce his upcoming tour dates early.

3.) Spin Doctors- "If the River Was Whiskey" (their first album since 2005)-Talk about a blast from the past, weird thing is I was just talking to someone about them the other day asking whatever happened to them?


-Various artists -"Iron Man 3 [Film soundtrack]" (sequel opens May 3)

-Indigo Girls- "The Essential Indigo Girls" (two CDs)

-Cheap Trick- "The Complete Epic Albums Collection"


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