Welcome Back to some bands this week, some rock staples who have been away for a while. Of course Rob Thomas was busy doing solo stuff and Melissa Etheridge was cleaning up a messy divorce.

1.) Matchbox Twenty "North" (their first studio album in 10 years)- The guys from Matchbox Twenty released their first single "She's so Mean" to huge success and rave reviews. Hard to believe they have been off the radar for ten years already. If they tour with this album go see them live. Awesome!!

2.) Melissa Etheridge "4th Street Feeling"- Doing what she does best, we have missed your soulful voice and glad that you were able to get some studio time in, in spite of your messy break up.

3.) Smash Mouth "Magic"-Don't hold your breath for U.S. tour, they are off to Australia to play a ton of shows first. Who would have thought they were such huge Smash Mouth fans?

Other releases this week:

-Various artists     "Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap" (23-song soundtrack to the documentary directed by Ice-T)