While the soda industry is alive and well, industry giants like Coca Cola and Pepsi continue to expand their non-soda offerings into the world of "health beverages" including juice and other concoctions that are supposed to be better for you than good old pop.

Pepsi claims to have the next big advancement in the anti-soda beverage race with a new version of Pepsi they are releasing in Japan. The new drink, called "Pepsi Special", is designated by the Japanese Government as a "food for specified health uses".

The new health-oriented Pepsi contains a chemical called dextrin, which is used as a dietary fiber supplement. Dextrin slows the body's ability to absorb fat while eating, hence the "health" value in the product.

The new beverage hits shelves November 13 in Japan for $1.87 a bottle. No word on if or when the new Pepsi drink will leave Japanese shores for places like the United States.