Toppers Pizza chain came rolling into the Twin Ports in June with people camping out the night before the Grand Opening to be one the first 50 people in line to win pizza for a year. The level of excitement from the general public was mind blowing. This restaurant chain is like no other in that they are very bold by design and people love it.

Toppers opened it's first Twin Ports location in June at 1231 East 9th Street in Duluth and the couple times I have been there the phone is ringing non stop, the delivery people are running in and out the door and you can watch them prepare their famous pizza and Topperstix right before your very eyes.

Toppers is known for their specialty pizzas but you can design your own, with multiple crust options too. The new location which was announced today is at 1907 W Superior St. in Lincoln Park. Now that the site has been purchased it is time to get to work to transform it into a Toppers Pizza. They are hoping to be open by the Fall with a 3'rd store announcement coming sometime this Summer. Plus, unlike most other restaurants Toppers Pizza are open Monday-Sunday 10:30 am-3am.


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