Both Irving Community Center and Memorial Park Recreation Centers have been torn down, so where will the new rec center go?

Residents in West Duluth are currently mulling on where the rec center should go. The Irving rec center was torn down due to the flood of 2012 and Memorial's club folded due to lack of memberships and a very old building. Hopefully the two can join forces and work together since they're both so close together.

It's hard to think about rebuilding at Irving since it's in a flood zone being so close to creeks and in a sort of valley area. They have two plans submitted: a $4.1 million "wish list" for the park and a simpler $1.2 million plan. Right now Irving Community Club plans on assisting Memorial which is expected to house the Valley Youth after school program is currently in the basement of Laura MacArthur.

I grew up in West Duluth a couple blocks away from Irving, but I always went to Memorial because the park was always better there. I think any work being done will be great for the community. Now that I'm a father of two and live closer to Memorial, I'm kind of hoping Memorial gets the new rec center. But I'll happy no matter what as long as good ole West Duluth gets one. Comments below and let me know what you think about the new rec center and where it should go.

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