The Hermantown Police Department posted pictures of the new roundabout at Maple Grove and Midway Roads.


Some people love them and some people hate them and try to avoid them at all costs. I have used them before and use the one by the Bong Bridge on occasion and the key is to pay attention to other drivers more than ever. You may be confident in what you are doing, but in some cases you need to keep your head on a swivel

Having grown up with a dad that was in the Insurance business he pounded defensive driving into my head from day one when I got my license.  So, If you are someone that is intimidated by roundabouts I hate to say this but you might want to get used to them as more and more of these will be commonplace in the future.

For some roundabouts ensue some serious panic so below is a a graphic to maybe give you a clear idea of how they work and what to do.

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