They are called the millennial generation, and many employers may happily hire them over a baby boomer, because they have a more positive attitude!

A millennial is described as anyone born between 1982 and 2004, and according to a new study these folks are ready to hit the work force. I find this kind of funny that some of the baby boomer older co-workers are being portrayed as old grouches, which may be true in some cases, especially if they are sick of toiling away at the same old job.

Common sense plays a big part in this study in that many of these younger workers are excited at the prospect of just having a job, and may be naive about the future they may have with a particular company. I for one am happy to hear that this generation of workers, at least some of them, are motivated and optimistic. But, just remember you will be in the work force a long time, so do what you love.