For retailers this is great news, and overall gives the economy a boost, plus this could help the average consumer in getting better deals.

According to a survey from the Rubicon Project  the average 18-34 old is likely to spend $1,427 this Holiday Season which is a few hundred dollars higher than the average shopper. But, for store owners the news may not be all that awesome in that 28% of them plan to do their shopping on line.

Apparently Millennials overall have a really positive outlook on their future and tend not to worry as much of outcomes, so they tend to spend more than average during the Holidays. Of course some will be spending on themselves as well.

In some way this makes sense especially if they have a good job and no kids yet. Being single in itself can sometimes mean you have more disposable income. Or what  they may do along with many other people is pick up an extra job doing seasonal work. Tons of places are hiring, so you may have your pick of the litter and extra money to buy gifts.