For some super insensitive guys out there who have said how their wife "Has let herself go" after they got married, you may want to look in the mirror  buddy.

According to Leeds Metropolitan University getting married can change a mans eating habits, sometimes causing him to pack on the pounds. This survey was done in the U.K. so, some of the observations may be a little off, like guys tend to eat more sweets and drink more wine.....well maybe sweets is right, but more likely beer here in the U.S.

Of course when you are single you may not have eaten the most healthy meals, along with the fact that it's sometimes hard to cook a meal for one person, but If your wife is a good cook you may tend to eat more. Of course once you get married man or woman, sometimes you may not have the time to have the same routine as you had before which may add to the weight gain as well. Either way man or woman watch what you say, because that finger you are pointing just might be pointing back at you!


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