Shocking! Some women have confessed that they buy an expensive dress or outfit to wear only once and return it the next day. So, next time you buy that cute little sundress, think twice, it may have been worn before.

For many women, shopping is a favorite pastime, and with the economy still trying to recover, and people trying to be more careful about their spending habits, this seems like a no brainer.

You see this in movies all the time, tuck the price tag away and go. Just be careful that you don't sweat to much, or spill anything on it, or you bought it sister!

According to Daily Mail UK, 1 in 8 women admit to doing  just this. Of course experts say the number may be much higher because most women won't admit it. A majority of the women say they do it for economic reasons, but others say they just do it for the thrill of it. What do you think?