Looking to watch something new this weekend? The second volume of Netflix hit "Unsolved Mysteries" has officially dropped and it is helping bring new light to an old case from the Northern Minnesota area.

One of the episodes in the newest installment is titled "Stolen Kids" and it tells the story of two toddlers who were abducted from the same park months apart in 1989. At the end of the episode, producers took the time to shine a light on similar cases that have yet to be solved.

One of the cases they shined light on was from Pine City, Minnesota, which is just a short drive from the Duluth area. They shared a photo of a young man named Aaron Anderson. I had never heard of the case myself and I started to do some research.

According to KSTP out of Minneapolis, Aaron was abducted on April 7th of 1989, the same year the two toddlers from the episode were abducted. He was last seen playing in the yard of his family's home. Although their house backs up to a local river, the child was never found and his family still believes he could be alive today.

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The same report states that the case is still open with the Pine County Sheriff's Office. If you know anything about this case, you are asked to call 320-629-8380.

When the first installment of Unsolved Mysteries hit Netflix earlier in 2020, interest in the cases featured skyrocketed, with tips pouring in on the different stories. Hopefully, the same thing happens with the cases in the second series. I am glad the show, which is a huge hit, can shed some light on this case and hopefully bring the family some answers. You can watch it on Netflix now.

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