This had everyone thinking when we first saw it. You know how it is, everyone thinks they know what it is and everyone has to see it.

I took a picture of it and walked around to different people asking them their guesses. Some were out of the left-field, some you could see how they arrived at their guess.  It certainly got our station group buzzing about what they thought it was and what it did.

Being that we have a lot of people that work here that have a good sense of humor, everyone had their own take on it. So, take each one with a grain of salt, but I thought some of these were funny.

Here are some of the guesses:

The Head of a Small Bat

Bats Consumed For Good Health In Indonesia
(Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images)

If you look at the shape of the thing sticking out, it does look like a very small bat. It would have a reason to be up in the ceiling too.

A Small Camera

Retrial Begins For The Murder of PC Andrew Harper
(Photo by Steve Parsons - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Cameras are so small nowadays that this is not a far-fetched idea. Whenever you watch people stealing things from a store or catching someone embezzling money they never know they are being filmed because the cameras are so small.

A Cord The Pulls Something

Denver Broncos Minicamp
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

It might be a trip cord that sets off an alarm or balloons or worse yet opens up a big huge something that might be full of spiders or chipmunks or confetti.

The Tag Of A Dead Body

Major Earthquake Hits Haiti
(Photo by Frederic Dupoux/Getty Images)

This one takes some imagination, but it could be a shoelace of someone that is hidden in the ceiling and the lace from their shoes or from their toe tag is hanging down, and there we are looking at it.

The Leg Of A Big Giant Spider

Arachnid Attack
(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

There is a big huge spider and it waiting up there to bite someone and haul them up into the ceiling to eat them and all you can see is this spider. The spider is big and strong enough to drag its victim up and spin a web around them.

Part Of The Air Conditioner

Home Depot Air Conditioner
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We think this is an air return, but if it isn't it's where the cool and hot air come in, this grate is near the wall so it could be part of the A/C in that sucked something up, or it's a tag from the newer air conditioner.

A Mouse Or Rat Stuck In The Ceiling

Three Generations Of Cloned Mice
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It could be a tail from a mouse or one of their legs or arms (if mice have that). There might be a dead mouse up there and its leg finally came out. That would be gross but someone would have to get it down.

Part Of A Garbage Bag

Mitt Romney Campaigns In Six Swing States On "Every Town Counts" Bus Tour
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There had been some work done in the ceiling recently, so it could be leftover, or it could've come from when they built our studios and was left behind in the ceiling.

It really intrigued me and I had to find out what it was. I talked my co-worker Ian into getting on top of a chair so he could get a closer look originally, but I had to find out what the little dangling thing was, so I went and got a ladder and talked Ian into climbing the ladder and pulling whatever it was out.

He was afraid it would pull something out of the ceiling, like an air-conditioner and it would fall on him and kill him. I told him if that were to happen, the A/C unit would fall on him then he would fall on me and he would be ok. So, he climbed the ladder and got this very small piece of plastic out of the air return.

Chris allen
Chris allen

After I really looked at it I thought it was maybe a negative for a picture. If you look closely you can see a pattern in it that could be part of the picture. You can also see this is a corner of something. How it got up there I don't know.

Chris Allen
Chris Allen

I still don't know what it is, if you know, please leave a comment below. It' looks like it could be a film or something. This looks like it has ink on it.

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