Ever wanted to be apart of an adventure mystery? Now is your chance as a storefront downtown is being turned into a physical adventure game.

Andy Bennett, Richard Hansen and Matthew Wagner (all of Duluth) have created a fun game for people to participate in later this month. The game is called 'Silent Night'  and it will be Holiday themed with a sinister twist.

It’s 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve. You have 60 minutes to save your city. In 'Silent Night' you are a detective assigned to investigate the recently discovered lair of Mycroft, a madman who has placed four bombs across the city and rigged them to blow at midnight on Christmas Day. The clues to their locations, and possibly even their disarm codes, are somewhere in this room. Can you find them in time?

The game is played in groups of 10, so smaller groups will have to team up with strangers and have 60 minutes to find their way out. The game is set to be open on the weekends with prices still undecided.

The real life escape room game trend started in 2006 in Silicon Valley with the escape room being inspired by Agatha Christie. 'Silent Night' will be the first of it's kind in Duluth (however there have been escape rooms in the Twin Cities). The game will be located in The Stanley Center at 408 W. Superior St. and is set to open November 28th.

I think this sounds amazing and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this happen. I love adventure and mystery, so hopefully they won't disappoint. The only downside of this game, is you can really only play it once because once you solve the mystery why would you play it again? So make sure you choose your group wisely for the best experiance. You can read the full article  here and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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