The Historic NorShor Theatre in Downtown Duluth is currently being restored and is almost complete. However there was a mystery mural hidden at the theatre and the community is wondering what the meaning of the painting really is. Here's my take. 

During a news conference on Wednesday morning, Duluth Playhouse Executive and Artistic Director Christine Gradl Seitz unveiled the beautiful mural and said it dates back to 1910. She believes it was an original fixture, but has no idea who painted it or the meaning behind it.

So I want to know if there's something more to this painting. I want to know what the almost naked lady is trying to pointing at. Was she trying to tell us something? What happened in 1910? Funny you should ask,the Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive 694 derailed on June 10th of that year plummeting into Lake Superior claiming the lives of three people. Was the lady in the painting pointing out the wreck? What was the train really carrying?

Okay, so the train crashed 250 miles Northeast of Duluth, but could the painted lady still know more information of the crash? The wreck was finally spotted over 100 years later on the bottom of Lake Superior.

Let's move on to my next theory, which is a little closer to the Duluth area. Split Rock Lighthouse was built in 1910. 30 ships were wrecked in 1905, which prompted the lighthouse to be built. Could the lady be pointing to Split Rock as a guiding light we all needed? Or does the lighthouse hold more secrets then we really know.

Could the painted lady be trying to warn us about something in Duluth? We may never know what she is pointing at or why she was painted at all. Gradl Seitz plans to restore the mystery mural and will hang it in the lobby of the renovated theatre which is due to be done by February of 2018. Let me know if you have any theories in the comments below.


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