Newt Gingrich's ex-wife is speaking out, and she says he wanted an "open marriage."

In an interview with ABC's "Nightline", Marianne Gingrich said her ex husband once asked her if he could remain married to her while also seeing another woman, Callista Bisek, Newt's current wife.

In the interview Marianne Gingrich added that she doesn't believe Gingrich has the moral character to be president.

Gingrich wouldn't comment about the specifics of the interview but said the interview is "tawdry and inappropriate."

It's not the politics behind this story that intrigue me.  It's the idea that if your husband or wife came to you and said, "well, I have this fling on the side, is it cool if I stay married to you and have another relationship?"  Whether that means a personal, romantic relationship or a strictly sexual relationship, does using the words "open marriage" make it ok?

Do you consider an "open marriage" a marriage?

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