put together a list of the most "Hippie" towns in each state and really no surprise that Duluth topped the list for Minnesota..

So what exactly is the definition of a hippie? This could mean many different things to people. We have the generational hippies from the 60's and 70's who still enjoy the carefree lifestyle, music scene, clothing or art or the new generation of hippies or as I see them hipsters.

So what makes Duluth such a great haven out of all the other cities and towns in the state? I believe a big part of it is the beautiful natural surroundings. Of course Lake Superior is a huge part of it, but it is the overall culture of Duluth. Hippie or not many residents here embrace the beauty and outdoors of this area year round. Nothing is taken for granted, and for a small number of people they will do whatever means necessary to protect and preserve it.

Duluth still has the small town charm which many people find appealing, but slowly is incorporating a variety of business to the area. Also, many Duluthians seem to gravitate towards supporting local business whenever possible. Not to say that is a "hippie culture" by any means, but seems to vibe with the lifestyle of helping out your neighbors. The music and art scene in the area is also second to none.

And for our neighbors in Wisconsin, the most hippie place to live is Eau Claire which is also a big college town with a cool music and art scene. For the complete list Click Here

Lastly, my only beef for anybody is please lay off the patchouli if you are anywhere near me, I cannot stand the smell of it. Thank You!


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