After handling cash from a transaction at a convenience store in Northern Minnesota, a worker had to go to the hospital for a burning sensation on the hand that handled the cash.

According to the sheriff's police report, a man entered the Community co-op in Mahnomen, MN around 12:24 p.m on April 30th and paid for an item with cash. The employee who took the cash felt a substance on the bill that made her hand burn. A paramedic who was in the store suggested that the employee should wash her hands thoroughly. After that didn't help, the employee drove herself to the hospital.

The store was then closed after and sealed. Emergency responders were called to the scene, including a hazardous materials team from Moorhead. Other employees of the store were sent to the hospital to as a safety precaution.

It is believed that the customer who handed over the cash in the transaction has not been found yet.

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