It's a dire situation that many Northlanders have often thought, "that could never happen here."  I know I've seen complete devastation on the the news and said that.  We're not on a flood plain.  We expect to hear about Grand Forks and Fargo getting hit, but we never think it can happen to us.  Until it does.

I've experienced a little of the wrath of the storm.  We had 3 feet of water in our basement that came up from the sewer drain.   And so many friends and family members have offered to help in any way.  Although I was in tears cursing the rain on Tuesday night, what happened to our home is nothing compared to those who have had to evacuate their homes and take temporary shelter.  My thoughts go out to those displaced and who have suffered from the Northland Flood.  Whether it's St. Louis, Carlton, Lake, or Douglas County, our communities are coming together in a way I've never seen.

So many people are eager to help in some way.  I've found a few places you can go to donate, lend a hand, and volunteer what you can to help rebuild.

United Way's Give Help Minnesota Flood Response - June 2012

Lake Superior Zoo-Donations and Volunteer Cleanup

Duluth 2012 Flood Relief and Volunteer Efforts Facebook Group

Community Clean Up of Chester Bowl Park Facebook Event

If you know of any other volunteer efforts, please email and I will update this list.