On Thursday Night I was driving down a major street in Duluth, when a giant pick up truck pulls up in front of me, fake bullet holes on the tail gate and all.

I busted out laughing, thinking to myself, wow  what a redneck vehicle. The tires were huge, all full of mud and the truck was jacked up super high. Did I mention the fake bullet hole stickers on back? That to me is the best part.

Well, to my surprise, as we turned and they went straight, low and behold this Northland Redneck turns out to be this tiny old lady driving. She had the seat all the way up and could barely see over the steering wheel. I laughed so hard I almost couldn't   drive. Just like the old saying goes, 'DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER'. Now was this her truck? I will never know, but either way ...Go get "em Grandma! :)