Have some extra time on your hands? Here's an awesome hobby to take up.

The National Weather Service of Duluth is offering up free weather spotter training courses throughout the month of April.

Let's back up a second in case you aren't entirely sure what a weather spotter training course consists of. During a weather spotter training course, you learn more about the NWS and NOAA, how they operate and what they do. You will also learn about severe weather basics and if severe weather strikes, learn how to send in reports to help out NWS of Duluth. You can also ask meteorologists any questions you may have about the weather.

There are two different classes you can take during several different time slots throughout the month of April: the basic course and the advanced course.

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The basic course is just as it sounds. It will last between an hour and ninety minutes and does not require any prior experience. Here you will learn the basics. In the advanced course, you will dive deeper than the basics, learning about storm structure and satellite radar imagery, among other things.

To take part in a course, you will need to register ahead of time. (You can do so here.) There will also be recorded sessions available if you are not able to make it to one of the course times.

Take a look at the different courses available below:

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