Winter isn't all that fun in the Northland. If you live here, you already know that. However, it's best to embrace it and this is a great way to do just that: attend a weather spotter class for the winter season!

Winter is already off to a big start in Duluth and surrounding areas. A big winter system moved in a few days ago and lasted the entire work week for the most part! Some parts of the Northland, like Hovland for example, got nearly three feet of snow.

With this system being the first real winter storm of the season, it also served as a good reminder for drivers to slow down and brush up on their winter driving skills! There were many crashes and pileups on Minnesota roads.

Now, the first major system is gone and there are many more in the forecast. Why not embrace all that a Twin Ports winter has to offer and pick up a new hobby? It just might make the winter go by a little bit faster.

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The National Weather Service of Duluth always holds spotter classes, whether for the winter season or for severe storm season. The classes are always free and there are always a bunch of different ones you can attend to learn how to become a weather spotter.

There are two more dates you can take part in to become a weather spotter and you can do it all right from home if you want to! There will be two more classes on Monday (November 21st) at 10 a.m. and again on Facebook live at 7 p.m.

Here is what you will learn in one of these courses:

  • The winter outlook for the 2022 to 2023 winter season
  • How to measure winter weather
  • How to report your measurements to the National Weather Service of Duluth
  • Resources that can help you stay up-to-date on the current forecast
  • Winter weather safety
  • The science behind winter weather
  • Understanding watches, warnings and forecasts

It should be noted that these classes are open to everyone, even if you aren't in the immediate area. The classes will focus on northeastern Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. You can register for the remaining classes online and/or on Facebook.

If you want to be a winter weather spotter but do not have time to attend any of the remaining courses, you can. The NWS of Duluth said via Twitter that they will be posting the winter weather class online soon.

If you are curious how one of these classes work, you can check out this video courtesy of the NWS Duluth office to get a basic feel for it! This is not the current video for the 2022 winter season but it is informative and will help paint a bigger picture.

I am pretty sure I say this every single winter but it is going to be a long and cold winter. The National Weather Service says we should brace for a La Niña winter yet again which means colder temperatures than usual and more snow. Sigh.

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