Some areas of the country have an Urban Legend of mythical creature, and in Louisville, Kentucky this legend has been around for decades. Unfortunately for one woman she lost her life trying to get a glimpse of The Pope Lick Monster.

26 year old Roquel Bain of Dayton, Ohio was killed after she was struck by a train and fell 80-100 feet off the train trestle. Apparently she and her boyfriend were in Louisville and and heard the rumor about the Pope Lick Monster and decided to head onto the tracks to try and see it.

Some think the tracks are abandon, but they are actually working with trains running about every half hour. The legend has it that this monster lures people to the tracks by hanging out underneath on the trestle and hypnotizes people to walk across the tracks. Bain was not able to get down onto the trestle in time and was killed. Her boyfriend survived without injuries.

This is a tragic lesson on so many levels, but also hits home the danger of walking on any train tracks, but especially one that is 100 feet off the ground. The video below was produced by a group of students from the University of Louisville.

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