We are officially in a brand new year but unfortunately, it looks like it will be the same old weather we are used to at this point for the Duluth and Superior area.

December brought about some intense weather, as it usually does. A messy storm in mid-December brought us a system that had just about everything: snow, wind, thunderstorms and even tornado activity across the state. Yes, really.

This storm was so unheard of that it even made history in the state - twice. With the storm, there were several reported tornado sightings across the state. This was the first time there has ever been even one reported tornado sighting in the state in December.

That wasn't the only time it made history, either! The storm brought strong winds across the state, with the date going down in history for holding the record for the most number of hurricane force thunderstorm wind gusts in a day.

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It was a very fitting end to a year like 2021, that brought about a lot of strange things in terms of the weather. Now, it looks like things have settled down a bit and will continue to do so for the month of January.

As I always do, I turned to the Old Farmer's Almanac to see what we could expect. There wasn't anything super shocking but it is always nice when they predict a mild month or a warmer-than-average month, right?

According to their forecast, we will see snow pretty much the entire month. They are forecasting snowy periods through the end of the month, before we get a small break on January 29th through the rest of the month.

As for temperatures, it looks like we will see periods of extreme cold on and off throughout the month. The start of the month will be extremely cold with a break from the 11th through the 17th and then again on the 24th. The last few days of the month will see a return to form, with cold temperatures heading into February.

This is something that was echoed recently by the National Weather Service of Duluth. They shared that it would be a cold January on their Twitter account recently.

In case you're curious, our temperatures will be nearly ten degrees below our average for the month so yes, it will be a very cold start to the year. It doesn't look like any massive snowstorms are in the forecast, with below average precipitation expected.

One thing is for sure: the Old Farmer's Almanac wasn't exactly right with its December forecast. They said it would be a pretty mild winter and it was anything but, especially considering we saw a historic storm right in the middle of the month! They also said we wouldn't see any big snowstorms and a few days later, they were proved wrong. Oops.

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