When I found a letter in the mail from Kwik Trip I at first foolishly thought I had won a sweepstakes or something. I enter the sweepstakes in the app all the time, and I shop at Kwik Trip a few times a week. But, then I saw ACTION REQUIRED in the envelope window. What was this all about?

The letter had my full legal name, my vehicle plate number, city, store number, time of incident, and an amount that I was to pay. My scam alert went up because to my knowledge I have never drove off without paying for gas. It said I owed them $58.49.

The letter itself was very much an "ope, looks like a mistake was made, that's okay just pay it and we'll be good" kinda vibe. It was friendly but they do want you to pay for your gas. Obviously, if I had driven off I would be more than happy to pay my share. So I called the number on the sheet (877)-594-5874.

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You can also do it online, but because I was still a little leery of this I decided to make the call. I got someone right away without waiting. They asked for the account number that was on the letter and I gave it to them. They said I had entered the store after filling up and then made a purchase in store without adding the gas to the total. They even had my receipt on record and offered to read it to me.

Of course, I wanted to hear if it was something I actually bought to prove if I was actually in the store, as I still couldn't believe I drove off without paying. She told me I purchased an Arizona Tea and a Barbecue Pizza. AHA! Nope, that wasn't me! I don't like barbecue pizza or tea. She then put me on hold to review the video on file. This was from almost two months ago and they had video on file readily available. That's impressive KT.

She came back on and said the other receipt they had was for two bags of tortilla chips and some Dos Rios Taco Meat. Darn. That's totally me. I now even remember going to the store to buy that. Oh crap, I'm a full blown criminal that drove off without paying for gas. Something happened at check out where I either forgot to tell them I got gas or they forgot to put it on there. They even admit in their letter that mistakes can happen.

I gave her my info over the phone and settled up. She was very polite, and I was clearly in the wrong. Thanks Kwik Trip for giving me the chance to correct this situation without calling the cops on me.

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