Ope! Sorry about that! That's basically the message from the Big Lake Police Chief when the department ran into an awkward situation. The incident occured at a Kwik Trip in Big Lake, MN.

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Police Chief Joel Scharf posted the light hearted message on the department's Facebook page showing that everyone is human and makes mistakes. He stopped in at the Kwik Trip to get fuel and a snack. The manager told the chief that they needed to discuss a gas drive off. He was then handed a photo of the vehicle and suspect. The photo was of him and his police car at the gas pump. He was distracted talking on his cell phone and drove off without paying.

This must have been a little awkward when Kwik Trip saw that it was the police who in fact were the guilty party here. Fortunately the police department was able to crack this case.

I've witnessed several times where someone has forgotten to pay for gas and drove off. Usually the police will give the person a break and let them pay if they harmlessly forgot. So before people get upset with the police, realize they are human too.

The Chief seems like a nice guy and must be doing a pretty good job in Big Lake, MN. According to their Police Department page on their website, their city has been ranked as the #1 safest city for 2019.

Big Lake MN is located between St. Cloud and Minneapolis, and have a population of 10,060.

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