About 100,000 bugs were just released at the Mall of America in Minnesota. If bugs aren't your thing, maybe just pretend they aren't there?

If you're beginning to freak out about why someone would do this, don't worry, it was a good thing this happened. A lot of people don't realize that there are over 30,000 live plants throughout the mall.

Some of the plants include:

  • a lemon tree
  • an orange tree
  • a pineapple plant
  • shrimp plant
  • bird of paradise flower
  • and many more

The Mall of America shared on their website that April is Earth Month and they plan to celebrate it a whole bunch of ways. Since opening in the early 90s, the mall integrated hundreds of trees and thousands of plants to help purify the air (naturally).

The Kaleidoscope with the large monarch butterflies and a bunch of little ones is also up for its final year:

I know, you're probably still wondering about all the bugs being released. This has actually been happening since the mall opened. The mall teamed up with a local Girl Scout Troop to release over 100,000 thousand live ladybugs into Nickelodeon Universe.

Why Ladybugs?

The mall dropped some fun fact knowledge on us:

 Ladybugs act as a natural pesticide to protect plants from harmful pests such as aphids... Next time you’re in Nickelodeon Universe, be sure to keep an eye out for some of these unique plants. Maybe you will even spot a little ladybug hard at work too!

I was today years old when I learned that every year for over 30 years, thousands of ladybugs are released in the Mall of America.

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