I finally did it this  past weekend, I re-started a painting project that I won't even say how long ago I had started and not finished. Now this is very un-like me to not complete something like this, I hate having projects not done but, I Loathe Painting.

I watched this video Painting for Dummies, just to refresh my skills, and it did not help. Now looking back on it I did everything backwards. I was all over the place with the paint was drying in one area as I went off to the next. I was a mess.

But, happy to say I did not make as big a mess as I usually do, my whole body is usually encased in paint. Unfortunately I ran out of time, and my total project is not completely done, but looks way better than it had. It is somewhat rewarding to see how nice and fresh everything looks after a new coat of paint. Now, hopefully my next weekend off I will complete the rest of the job, or at least finish it in 2012. :)