According to a Press Release from the Duluth Police Department they have recently partnered with Tip411 as a way for citizens to report tips anonymously. According to Tip 411 website:

This service helps provide a web-based toolset that allows your agency and the public to interact with each other like never before, across multiple channels, in real time, at an affordable cost.

For Law enforcement this web based program can help to engage the general public through alerts, through social media and give citizens the ability to provide tips to law enforcement immediately and anonymously to help fight crime.

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The Duluth Police Department relies on our community members to be the eyes and ears for the department to help keep our community safe. By making this anonymous hopefully more people will feel safer coming forward with information and tips. All that a citizen needs to do is fill out a short form online which asks the following questions:       * What/ Subject Matter * Where/Location and *Details/Description.

This form will also allow citizens to attach video or photo's.  The form can be found on the Duluth Police Department website under “Information and Services” or by following this link. The average citizen plays a crucial part of helping to solve crimes as obviously officers cannot be everywhere, at all times. We have all seen individuals post things on social media like graffiti, vandalism, items being stolen off your front porch etc. If we all work together we can help to everyone's safety to self and property.

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