Paisley Park has announced some fan-friendly changes to the tour.

According to the Star Tribune, some changes are coming to Paisley Park after three years of operating as a museum and event venue. Some of the changes include:

  • Smartphones are now allowed in the soundstage and the NPG Music Club allowing fans to share photos on social media. Previously you could only take photos outside of the building and phones would be locked up from the moment you walked in the building.
  • New memorabilia is being added to the collection including vehicles, instruments, and outfits that will be displayed on new, custom made full-body mannequins.
  •  Visitors taking the tour will now be allowed access into Prince's "little kitchen" where the superstar often ate and watched TV.
  • Alcohol will be sold at select events in the soundstage.

Also, the annual Celebration event will be moved to June to coincide with Prince's birthday vs. the anniversary of his death.

You can read more about the changes coming to Paisley Park here.

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