This time of year so many parents and grandparents bend to the wishes from the kids about wanting a baby bunny or little yellow chick, but just like the kids they grow up and are a lot of work.

Cooper and I had the chance to speak with Jassamy from The Lake Superior Zoo Education Department about giving live bunnies, chicks or ducklings as pets to people this time of year.  She reiterated the fact that many of these animals need  Veterinarian check ups, special diets and can live for quite some time. Also,  just a reminder Lake Superior Zoo does not accept surrendered, bunnies, chicks, ducklings etc as.they get calls or e-mails from the public on a weekly basis inquiring about this.

  • Most healthy rabbits can live up to 10 years, that is a long commitment.
  • They are very fragile ground loving creatures who could be injured easily when dropped.
  •  They are easily spooked by loud noises
  • All too often these pets are neglected or abandon and people release them into the wild thinking they can take care of themselves, which they can't.

I am not trying to point fingers out to any parents that may want to get one of these animals for their kids, but like any pet you have to put some serious thought into if you and your family are prepared for that kind of commitment.

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