This week (May 2nd-8th) is "Be Kind To Animals Week," also known as Pet Week!

I've always believed that I was a dog person.  I grew up with dogs.  Never cats, because my mom is allergic.  I wasn't really a cat person until I started hanging out at my then boyfriend's (and now husband's) house and got to know his cat, Willis.  And now we have 2 cats, Tommy and Zimmy.  Although we don't have a dog yet, (no yard,) I'm hoping we can move soon and get a German Shepherd.

So whether you're a dog, cat, or pig person, here is a list of personality traits according to what kind of pet you have.

The kind of pet you choose can be a direct reflection on the type of person you really are. "There's a powerful connection between people and their pets that's truly beneficial," says psychologist Marion Steinberg. "Research has hown you'll live a longer, happier life if you open your heart to anything from a dog to a parrot."

Steinberg says the latest study proves the animals you choose to love actually highlights your personal traits.

So what does our favorite pet say about you? Choose the one you like the best and discover more about yourself.

* Birds -- Fun-loving and adventurous, folks in your inner circle know you'll try anything once. The trouble is, you don't always plan ahead to avoid catastrophe. If you curb your impatience, you'll land on your feet more often than not.

* Cats -- Just like the feline, you're picky about who you lavish your affection on. You're a natural-born leader who's not afraid to stand up for your rights and take charge of a situation. That's fine because your co-workers respect your ideas.

* Dogs -- You're a straight shooter, and your pals often ask for your clear-eyed advice and thoughtful observations. A loyal and true friend, you never betray a confidence. Best of all, when you give your friendship, it's for life.

* Fish -- You're a creative person who appreciates beauty in all its forms. Friends and family love your generous spirit and unselfish approach to life. You're also perceptive and observant -- a person who's always in the know.

* Gerbils/Guinea Pigs -- Loved ones are sometimes confused by your behavior. You can be shy and standoffish or outgoing and full of spunk, depending on your mood. But despite the ups and downs, you're a popular and well-loved person.

* Pot-belly pigs -- You're intelligent, funny and affectionate. Life is something to be enjoyed to the fullest. But although your friends are the center of your life, you may have a commitment phobia when it comes to love.

* Rabbits -- These indicate you're a shy yet curious nature, ready for anything.