Every Wednesday Dubh Linn Irish Brew Pub in downtown Duluth hosts trivia night. This Wednesday come test your 'Office' knowledge for a themed trivia night.

Dubh Linn Pub has been a staple for Wednesday trivia nights for some time, plus they have some really great hosts that do it (myself and Jeanne Ryan). Last month was 'Harry Potter' themed trivia, and it was such a hit, we're doing more themed nights! The first Wednesday of every month will continue to be themed trivia nights. This coming Wednesday (October 3rd, 2018) will be the American version of 'The Office'!

The Office Revival NBC 2018

If you need a refresher of the rules: themed nights will work just like normal team trivia nights. There will be three regular rounds of ten questions, six multiple choice worth one point each and four short answer worth three points each. Both Jeanne and I walk around with the microphone so one of the major rules is no shouting out any answers. The other big rule is no cell phones, as they should be put away during the rounds. The only way to get into the final round for a chance at the progressive jackpot is by winning a regular round. Only one person from your team can represent your team in the final round. The final round consists of four short answer questions, if you get them all right you take home the jackpot!

Trivia night is 9-11 pm on Wednesday nights. Come early to grab some Irish grub and great drinks at the best pub in town and then get ready for some 'Office' trivia. Feel free to come dressed up as your favorite characters (bonus high five if you come dressed as Prison Mike).

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