UPDATE (1/30/18 2:20 pm): The man has been arrested after a 36-hour standoff at the Graduate Hotel in Minneapolis, MN. According to university spokesman Evan Lapiska, the man was taken into custody at 1:43 pm on Tuesday.

Original Post: According to reports, a man has been holed up in his Minneapolis hotel room for since early Monday morning.

A "public safety situation" situation at the Graduate Hotel in the University of Minnesota East Bank has been going on since midnight on Monday. University of Minnesota Police Chief Matt Clark was quoted as saying, “Our goal is to make sure we have a peaceful resolution. What’s great is, again, we have experience from a great number of agencies and professionals working the situation.”

Clark also talked about how the man in the room has an arrest warrant out in Arizona for a white collar crime he committed there. Police are saying that at least one other person in the room with him.

The hotel and surrounding businesses are actually open right now besides the floor that the man is on and some other close areas like the rec and wellness center.


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