It seems like it has been years since we first heard about a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen location opening in Duluth. Now, I have tracked down an answer as to if it is happening or not.

The possibility of a Popeyes location in Duluth first popped up in January of 2021. At the time, a Popeyes location here was a sure thing. At the time, it was reported that it would be part of a new development in the area.

Sadly, it's been well over a year since we've heard any real news about the location. Last summer, it was revealed that it might not happen at all. Why? Because there were major issues regarding plans for the drive-thru.

Reports at that times said that Popeyes wanted a two-lane drive-thru because most of their business comes from drive-thru orders. Keep in mind this was also during pandemic times, which means most places were only offering drive-thru options.

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This was a problem because only a single use drive-thru lane could be built in the space and anything different would have to go through a major zoning change or the Duluth City Council. A representative for the future space said it was a "definite concern" they couldn't go ahead with the two-lane drive thru.

So now what? I have been trying to figure that exact question out. I reached out to the leasing specialists of the new space and Popeyes itself to try and see if plans for the location were still happening. Thankfully, after reaching out to the city, they pointed me in the right direction of who to contact.

I then contacted someone from the company working in conjunction with the new Popeyes location. I asked them if the location was happening first and foremost, to which they responded to with a yes!

I then asked if they could tell me the current status and this is what they said:

As of now it is not under construction, probably will be done by end of the year.

Wow! I can't lie. I was not expecting the location to still be a go considering it has been well over a year since we first learned about the space. Those are all the details I was given but at least we know it will be happening.

Like I said, details are minimal right now but I am sure we will learn more on an opening date and what the actual format will look like in the very near future. For now, let's just rejoiced.

By the way, Popeyes is known for their delicious chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, seafood and side dishes like mashes potatoes, fries and macaroni and cheese. My mouth is watering just thinking.

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