The Red Barn Farm is a family owned 10 acre farm that is open seasonally from May-October and offers made to order wood fire pizza, they have a general store on site and is a very popular wedding venue as well. Located in Northfield Minnesota the Winter family poured their heart and soul into rebuilding this 100 year old barn and turning into a beautiful venue, but now all that is gone.

A tornado that bowled through the area last week completely leveled the barn and their property, thankfully the Winter family and pets who rode out the storm inside the barn are all safe. Now they are obviously closed for the season as they figure out how to rebuild. According to their Facebook Page Insurance will only cover so much of the damage so some community members started a Go Fund Me Page  to help them rebuild.

The Go Fund Me Goal is $200,000 and hopefully anyone who has visited this little slice of pizza heaven will help out along with others who know how important places like this are not just to that community but the entire state.


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