Vermont Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders made a stop at the DECC in Duluth today, addressing a crowd estimated to be over 5,000 people on the platform for his campaign. 

While Sanders has yet to win the nomination of his party, he spent a decent amount of his time differentiating his proposed policies from those in the Republican Party, rather than attacking party competitor Hillary Clinton. Key points that drew applause and cheers among the crowd were plans to bring the national minimum wage to $15 per hour and to make college tuition free. He also discussed changes to NAFTA and offered strong words for Wall Street.

Clinton and Sanders are in a heated battle for primary votes and caucus representation to represent the Democratic Party against the winner of the Republican nomination in the election later this year. Recent poll data shows Clinton leads in many states, including Minnesota at this time; however Sanders is in striking distance in many states.

The primary/caucus season kicks off in Iowa on February 1. Minnesotans will have the opportunity to participate in caucuses on "Super Tuesday", March 1, for the party and candidate of their choice. Wisconsin residents will be able to participate in the nomination process in the Presidential Primary, which will be held on Tuesday, April 5.

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