In April 2016 with the news of Prince's death thousands of fans gathered outside First Avenue flooding the streets of Downtown Minneapolis to mourn and also celebrate the life and music of Prince. Later that evening with his music blaring into the streets a sing along of 'Purple Rain" filled the night sky.

Thousands of people shoulder to shoulder singing along every word of that incredible song. Aaron Lavinsky from the Star Tribune captured video of the event which was retweeted 14.0000 times and had 17,000 likes.

Universal which owns the rights to 'Purple Rain' thinks that this one evening with his thousands of fans belongs to them as well .

According to City Pages, a US copyright law that was passed in 1998 allows intellectual property owners who believe their copyright is being infringed upon to file a takedown notice with an internet provider or website containing the content. If not they run the risk of being sued. What a sad situation for all, only time will tell if Lavinsky may try to fight it, but until then for those of us lucky enough to have seen and heard it, or better yet were there in person have the memories just like so many other great moments that Prince brought to all of us.

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