After years of trying to get a dog park out in the east side of Duluth, a group of volunteers will present a new proposal to the Parks and Rec Commission this Wednesday.

There are already two dog parks, one in west Duluth and one in Observation Park. I Personally think it would be a great idea for another dog park in the eastern part of our city. The proposed plan would be located on a four acre field north of Riley Road. You can see the concept map of the plan by clicking here.

This piece of land was proposed to be a dog park years ago, however part of the land was owned by Rice Lake Township and the township board would not approve it. Now that Duluth has annexed a small part of Rice Lake Township this past June, the park has a chance to become a reality.

If approved, the park would include a 5-foot-tall fence enclosing a small-dog area and a larger all-dog area, with a few benches and trees. The park would also include a walking path around the perimeter so people could walk with their dogs. Since the city doesn't pay for the construction of dog parks, volunteers have to raise money to pay for amenities.

The Duluth Parks Commission meeting will start at 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday) night at the Central Hillside Community Center. You can read the full article from the Duluth News Tribune here. Let me know in the comments below if you think there should be a dog park out in east Duluth.

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