Ever wonder what musicians do with their Grammy awards after they win them? Well, if it's Questlove you're wondering about, he puts them in his bathroom on top of the toilet.

Someone buy this man a trophy case!

When asked where he puts his wins, the DJ who snagged his first trophy at 24 plainly admitted, "I keep all my Grammys on the toilet."

"No, I’m serious," he continued. "I mean, mega-people have, like, awards rooms or whatever. The Kanyes of the world, I’m sure he has enshrined himself. But all mine are in the bathroom. And one of them is broken."

Someone also get Questlove some crazy glue!

As for how it broke in the first place?  Questlove explained, "I dropped it on the floor. I gave it to my mom; she didn’t want it. So I just sat it on the toilet. And then when I got the second and third one, I just gave it company."

Well, that is certainly what we would call a conversation piece.

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