If you're looking for a job, this is a guy who'll do what he can for you. Even if he's never met you.

Australian radio hosts Hamish and Andy pulled a social experiment in which they called a random number and asked the person who picked up if he'd serve as a reference for an accounting job one of them was about to interview for.

James was the guy they called and, boy, did he deliver. There are headhunters and temp agencies who should practice his kind of loyalty. After James agreed to be a reference, Hamish and Andy called him, pretending to be the employer and that's when he stepped up, making up all sorts of glowing attributes for his "friend."

Here's hoping that James doesn't say "honesty" is his biggest strength when he goes on interviews because that's clearly not true. Thinking on his feet and stepping up to bat for complete strangers, though? No one can touch him on those.

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