As a new parent I had lots of things to prepare and worry about as the day got closer to meeting and holding my baby girl for the first time, while I was preparing and worrying about those things in the months prior to her birth by my side was my dog, Rawko.

He may or may not have known that soon he would have another human in the house to give endless kisses to, but I knew and it worried me a little. How would he react to not being the center of attention? How would she react to this 100 pound hairy beast trying to lick her? Who's poop will get on the carpet first?

My fears were quickly calmed when we finally got the chance to have the two meet each other for the first time, we put some thought into how this was going to go down, Mindy went in first without the baby and spent a few minutes with Rawko before I came in with Rose.

Rawko was very excited to see Mindy after not seeing her for a few days, after that excitement wore down, I came in with the baby and Rawko was very curious about what I had, for some reason I think he knew what was up, he came up and sniffed her and gave her a couple of kisses and laid down after a few minutes, thankfully uneventful.

In the following days and weeks Rawko has been very attentive to Rose, he follows her, comes if she cry's and sneaks a kiss in from time to time. He's been great with her, but I think he suffers from a lack of sleep, his home alone and sleeping all day are over for a while, but I'm sure he doesn't mind.

Over the weekend we had Elaine from Humane Connections stop by and meet with all of us to see how things were going between Rose and Rawko.  She was very nice and gave us some great tips and advice, even some activities/games we could play that includes both of them, great stuff!!  If you got a baby on the way, this is something you might want to check out, and now is a good time to take advantage of Humane Connections deal on Seize The Deal, you can save 50% on a private consultation.

My advice for anyone else that is dealing with a similar situation is NOT to forget about the dog, it's important to still walk and exercise as much as possible and be sure to involve your first baby with the new baby :) It's going to be fun watching the two of them grow a relationship over the years and hopefully become best of friends.