A real life mermaid exists and she is at SeaQuest in Roseville MN. along with over 1,000 exotic animals. SeaQuest opened up in 2020 and is a really unique experience in that besides just the regular tour through the facility you can also upgrade your ticket so that you can physically interact with some of the animals and even feed them by using special tokens that you can purchase.

Obviously each of the animals has special nutritional needs and with the tokens you can sue them to feed the animals with a food dispenser right next to their exhibit. Not only can kids and adults learn about animals from all over the world but you can physically engage with them. As far as the mermaids go, you are not allowed to feed them but you can shake their hands when they are out of the water and get a picture with them.

Some of the on hand activities they offer for an additional cost is :

  • Snorkel with stingrays
  • Sloth Interaction-My favorite, I love Sloths!
  • Asian Otter Interaction
  • Kinkajou Encounter
  • Fishy Kisses Experience
  • Animal Whisperer Tour
  • Birthday Parties Too!
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This is a great way for children to learn about  animals from all over the world and how places like SeaQuest work at preserving & saving the lives of many animals that would otherwise not survive in the wild. They have rehabilitated injured animals & have even acted as an exotic pet rescue for animals such as parakeets & iguanas that need rehoming.

I know the first chance I get I am going to go check this place out given the fact that I am fascinated by sea life especially and the fact that you have the opportunity to interact with this huge variety of species form around the world. For more information or to purchase tickets check out their website. 

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