Last week Apple released a beta test of the iOS 8.3 update introducing more multi-ethnic emojis. As awesome as that is, there was one group missing, the rare but great almighty gingers!

One ginger in particular, Emma Kelly decided to make a stand and started a petition to put us gingers on the map that is emojis. The petition currently has over 2,500 signatures and Kelly plans on sending the petition to Apple once it hits 10,000 signatures. She also runs a website for gingers called Ginger Parrot.

Even Though Gingers are a rare breed, I think we deserve to be represented as an emoji. They should also add beard emojis too, even better a bearded ginger emoji! I do think it's cool that Apple added more diverse emojis, but they're definitely missing a great group of people!

If you would like to support the cause and sign the petition, click here. Also comment below if any other emojis should be added as well. So ginger on and support my fellow sunny delights!