Yes, we’re serious. It seems that with the successes of duets albums of the past, Barbra Streisand — with the help of her bosses at Sony Music — is now beginning to put together a duets compilation of her own. And one person that’s rumored to be on the album? You guessed it, the one and only babe from Barbados … Rihanna.

In the past, the process with these types of albums has been wildly successful, pairing up a living legend with hip, younger artists for multiple intentions. Not only in hopes to make both the artist and the album more successful in stores and on iTunes, but also to help the artist grab a brand new fan base. Not that Barbra needs it — she did just sign a reported $30 million deal with Sony Music.

But the duets process does work most of the time. Just look at Tony Bennett. The legendary crooner had his first number one album with ‘Duets II,’ released in Sept. 2011, at the age of 85, which featured the likes of Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, and the late and great Amy Winehouse.

Some more rumored guests to appear on the 70-year-old songstress’s album are Adele and perhaps even Jay-Z. It seems that with her new deal, Barbra’s ready to try something new. Who knows, the result could be very advantageous for the Brooklyn-bred singer.

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